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The United Federation of Planets is a peacekeeping entity spanning many star systems over the Alpha Quadrant.

The United Federation of Planets is a peacekeeping entity that exists over multiple star systems in the Alpha Quadrant. In the normal universe it was a major power by the 2280s, but in the Star Trek: Unlogic univese it is simply regarded as a nuisance. The aggression from the Klingons that began in the mid 23rd century and were a major threat in the normal universe had ceased by the 2230s, as the Klingon Empire had, quite simply, gotten bored with how the conflict had not evolving into anything. It now maintains relatively peaceful conditions with the nearby Andorians, Vulcans and Tellarites, who are all included in the UFP, although the Federation's meddling with Unlogic Technology has kept many star systems termially worried about their welfare. Luckily, the Federation does use normal warp ships such as the Constitution Class, Miranda Class, and mainly Constellation Class vessels.

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