The USS Unlogic - C Refit

The USS Unlogic was a starship in operation after 2283. It was contructed on the Lunar Construction Facilities base on The Moon. It was the third starship in the Unlogic Project.


After the unexpected loss of the Unlogic B, the third design of ship was of course, built accidentally, and as such was rather an odd shape. It was over one thousand feet long, five times that of a Constellation Class Starship, and only sixty feet wide and 120 feet tall. It was launched in 2283, under the command of the Captain, (also see Unlogic C Crew), to explore "Where nobody had wanted, or indeed needed, and still probably don't really need, to go before," and "Seek out new ways to have a fun time." With these orders, the ship currently roams the Alpha Quadrant.


The ship was of course the longest in Federation history, and the fastest ship of the 23rd century, reaching speeds of warp 16 on the warp scale. The size of the ship posed some serious problems to inhabitants, since it would often take days to move from one end to the other on foot. As such, several on board transportation systems were tried, some with more success than others.

Clearly visible from the exterior of the ship is visible the four extremely large phaser cannons, that, as well as being the only weapon on the ship, are actually less powerful than a conventional phaser on an ordinary warp ship, taking several shots to successfully destroy a pirate Zhu Zhu interceptor fighter.


Pre - Refit Unlogic C Bridge

The bridge is average in Federation standards, with eight computer stations arranged around the walls, and a Captain's Pod in the foreground of the bridge.

Pro - Refit Unlogic Bridge.

After a refit in 2284, the bridge saw an expansion in the engine controls to the right of the centre line (from the viewer's point of view), a turbolift on the extreme right, and a larger, safer door than the previous door.


The ship was refitted one year after launch in order to expand the bridge and further improve engine performance by about 3 warp factors. The visible changes on the outside of the ship include the relocation and refitting of the bridge to the front of the ship, and the large Bussard Ramscoop on the underside of the ship below the phaser cannons, that acted very similarly to an ancient turbocharger on an Earth automobile - it forces extra hydrogen into the Unlogic Reactor in order to improve performance. The ship was also given a system of turbolifts that aided the dismal state of the personal transport aboard the ship.