The USS Sisquinch NCC-9001.

The USS Sisquinch, registration number NCC-9001-A, was a Constellation Class Starship that begain its tour of duty in 2273. After being completely destroyed and rebuilt in 2283, it is still in active service. The captain prior to 2283 was The Admiral, before he was promoted.


The USS Sisquinch was a typical Constellation Class starship of the 2270s - it had a maximum warp speed of factor 8, two phaser banks and one proton torpedo launcher. It carried five shuttles, that could be launched from either of two hangar bays on the side of the vessel. It carried a crew compliment of 623, and typically carried civilians, the families of the crew, increasing the overall numbers in the vessel to near 900.

The Admiral, being over 600 years old, had already become somewhat senile by the time he was appointed Captain of the ship. Therefore, it was mostly the responsibility of the ships' Number One - Fizz Gunnar - to hold the ship together.

Encounters with the BargEdit

After the SSU Unlogic A had crippled what where previously known as the Borg, the Barg set about plotting revenge against the Federation. Unfortunately for the Barg, they forgot to build weapons on their attack bricks, and were completely useless in combat against the Sisquinch, which had been deployed to stop the invasion. On its own. In the middle of deep space. With no help. It was extreme luck that stopped the Sisquinch from being destroyed, which is probably the state it would have otherwise ended up in.


The end of the Sisquinch came when the Admiral briefly touched a computer in the ship, causing several maneuvres previously thought impossible, such as warping the ship into itself, launching proton torpedos backwards, and absorbing phaser fire back into the ship, all of which occured simultaniously, and caused quite fantastic amounts of damage. Somehow, no deaths occured.


After being rebuilt in 2283, another ship carried the name on from the Sisquinch, as it was seen as an important symbol of the ideals of the Federation. This new ship was again a Constellation Class vessel, and it was christened the USS Sisquinch NCC-9001-B.