The SSU Unlogic - A was the first ship of the Unlogic Project. It was highly experimental and extremely dangerous to operate.


The SSU Unlogic - A was a theory developed by Dr Gark in the United Federation of Planets in the 2230s. The Unlogic Theory predicted that if a ship were to be created by accident using archaic building techniques, and that the normal matter-antimatter reaction assembally was replaced with a small oven, then a powerful energy displacement field could be produced to propel two object away from one another in space, whilst maintaining a link through subspace.

In keeping with this theory, the Unlogic A was then created entirely by accident in 2234 in the Lunar Construction Facilities above the Moon. It featured a Stardrive section at the rear and a living section at the front, the two connected by a subspace link.


The Unlogic A was very difficult to map out as the main computer often rearranged the entire ship, almost on a daily basis. It was known, though, that the front living section was deadly to enter for the crew of the stardrive section, and vice-versa, due to the fact that the Unlogic Theory polarized the two ends on the Unlogic Scale, making one end cancel out the other if they were ever to meet.

Living SectionEdit

The living section of the Unlogic - A was an interesting affair with variable corridors, doors that hated opening (and in fact regularly killed crewmembers), and numerous computer workstations that were operated with broken abacuses. The main computer was also housed here, although it was simply an automated rubix cube that constantly is solving itself, although it has not got the computing power to ever complete this task, leaving it essentially useless. Many of the tasks that should have been automated by the main computer have been needed to be completed by human input.

Stardrive SectionEdit

Unfortunately for anyone in the the galaxy, and even more so to its' disadvantaged occupants, the Stardrive Section was completely negatively charged and would actively destroy anthing it came into contact with, including new crewmembers. Sadly, since all light emmited from it is essentially anti-light, it is impossible to see, feel or smell the Stardrive Section without being completely obliterated.


The SSU Unlogic was lost in 2235 after one year of active service. Its true location is still unknown, but rumours state it is wedged half inside a star just outside of the Galaxy.