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Several humans onboard the pre-refit USS Unlogic - C.

Human Beings, or just Humans, or just People to themselves, are the main component and creators of the Untied Federation of Planets, and the main practicers of the Unlogic Theory. Having moved through tens of thousands of years of cultural and technological evoloution, they have recently reached a climax of technology never before reached by them. They are currently in active warfare with the Barg and are allies with most Alpha Quadrant civilizations.


Humans are commonly from five foot to six and a half foot tall, are not particularly strong or smart on their own, and rely heavily on technlogy to be successful. However, once banded together (and if they are in a serious enough mood), they are a formidable force cabable of creating and destroying entire worlds.

Humans typically can carry about 100lbs of weight, and can survive for three days without water and about one or two weeks without food.


Humans have a varied and often contradicting culture that, somehow, can sustain itself, despite many people lobbying for things completely opposite to others. It is because of this that a "Who's In Charge" government is required for human civilization to operate properly. Briefly, in the 20th century, forms of government that were generally supposed to have less of a leader and more of a people in power, were experimented with. They collapsed within 100 years of forming. By the 23rd century, Human culture currently revolves around exploration of space, and generally trying to have a good time. Many other species in the Alpha Quadrant take their leave and vacations to planets in Human Culture, as they are well known for their carnival - like atmosphere thanks to the Great Assumption of 2270 - that people would rather have a good time than not, and thus living should revolve around working in an engaging and fun environment.

Interesting TriviaEdit

In the far off galaxy of Grue 33, there appears to be a human civilization spanning the entire galaxy.

Humans are actually unhealthy to eat.

They have removed starvation and desease from their societies entirely by accident.