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Fizz Gunnar, as Captain of the USS Unlogic C.

Fizz Gunnar was a human from Earth born in 2259. He became the Captain of the USS Unlogic C in 2283, and currently features in the Star Trek: Unlogic video series on Youtube.


Gunnar was always shown to be mild-mannered and polite, if slightly weak willed and unwilling to help others in most situations. Gunnar was notoriously unlucky, or at least, not fortunate. He attended the United Federation of Planets Cadet School in Paris and passed with average grades in all subjects. After serving for ten years as Number One on the USS Sisquinch, he was promoted to Captain by The Admiral and given command of the USS Unlogic C. Although initially hopeful about this new assignment, he was invariably dissapointed with the performance of his crew and the ship despite all of his team-building efforts to create a better working environment for the crew of the ship.


Gunnar was polite and mild mannered, ever since he was a small boy, and was never usually one to raise his voice unless he was under great stress. He made few friends at the Cadet School, despite his many attempts to do so (which all failed quite spectacularly, even though they were bona fide and honest interactions).

As the CaptainEdit

Gunnar enjoyed his post as Captain for a very long time. Unfortunately, the show hasn't stopped being made yet, so I don't have any idea when he retires.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Obviously, the Captain is lego, as is everyone else and a great deal of the Star Trek: Unlogic props and sets. He is voiced by Callum.