Apollo17 earth

A picture of Earth taken from the ancient human Apollo 17 spacecraft.

Earth is the native home of the Human species, although by the 2280s many other sentient species live there. The Earth has a long geological history, but a surprisingly short cultural history of the Humans.

Geological HistoryEdit

Earth is generally accepted by most Federation scientists as being 'Generally a few million years old'. It formed around the parent star, Sol, and is one of nine other planets in the system, all of them either inhabited or (as is the case with the three gas giants in teh Sol system) inhabited around with starports.

Ecological CharacteristicsEdit

Earth has an unbelievably varied environment. Some parts are lush forests with green trees, lakes and seas of abundant water - so much water, in fact, that it even falls from the sky as 'rain', regularly drenching anything on the surface with water. As such, Humans have evolved to not need to conserve water using biological techniques - they cannot survive without water for more than three days. Other parts of the Earth include hot rainforests and deserts, freezing ice caps, endless tundra, and massive mountain peaks.

Current (2280s) ConditionEdit

The condition of Earth is currently fairly good, with the amount of pollution being controlled by Air Recyclers that can destroy carbon dioxide and return the atmosphere to a safe condition, in order to combat pollution. Much of Earth is still simply countryside, with occasional areas of dense population called Cities. One interesting city is New York, where there are three hundred and fifty year old skyscrapers. The United Federation of Planets is also based here, in Paris. Many species from around the Alpha Quadrant go to Earth for holidays, as the Humans on Earth generally have a carefree society that revolves around having a good time.

Notable People from EarthEdit

Captain Gunnar - Captain of the USS Unlogic C

Scottoman - Helmsman of the USS Unlogic C

Dr Gark - Creator of the Unlogic Project

Zephram Cochraine - Experimental Warp Ship development and testing in the 21st century.